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May 10, 2022

Designer: Artem Babayants Architects -

In the words of the architect:

"The usual severity of minimalism in this interior gives way to emotionality and soft rounded shapes. We rounded the corners of the walls, columns, furniture and panels, and smooth lines became the main motif of the project.

Light, airy space, filled with slender verticals, seasoned with emotions: interspersed with color, textures and memorable objects for customers.

It was interesting to work with the column in the center of the common area. The disadvantage, from which We want to divert attention, turned out to be reconfigured into dignity. We have designed a composition that has become a dominant in the space. They rounded the corners of the column, sheathed it with wood, added a second vertical, hung a pedestal and a shelf on them.

It turned out to visually zone the common area into the kitchen and living room, without blocking the walls and adding functionality. At the same time, create a point of attraction for different areas: hallway, kitchen, living room. And to achieve the delicate multi-layered space that we were striving for. "